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Geocaching – A popular craze for memorable family vacations


It’s a small world after all. Geocaching has become a popular craze in helping people connect all around the globe. On a more personal level, it has the potential to inspire your most exciting and memorable family vacation ever. This trendy outdoor activity requires only a minimal investment of cash, suits just about any schedule, is ideal for the mild autumn and winter climate in Orlando and can be enjoyed equally by Mom, Dad and all of your kids, no matter what their ages may be. And all it takes to succeed is a spirit of fun, flexibility and adventure on your part.

What is Geocaching?

So what is geocaching? It can be defined as a 21st century treasure hunt. Typically using a GPS as the modern day equivalent of a compass, geocachers navigate their way across the landscape to find containers, called “caches,” which have been hidden by other fans of this pastime. Caches are normally small waterproof containers. They may hold only a log book, for the finder to sign with a code name, similar to an online “nick,” and the date, to prove that he or she actually found the cache. The cache may also be stocked with small trinkets for trading; if so, you may take an item that strikes your fancy, but etiquette demands that you substitute it with an equally valuable goodie of your own. The geocacher then replaces the container exactly where it was, for the next seeker to come across.

The Immense Popularity of Geocaching

Newcomers to the world of geocaching will be amazed at how widespread and how organized the practice has become. There are currently over 2 million active geocaches being sought and found – and re-found again and again – on a regular basis. More than 6 million enthusiasts enjoy geocaching internationally. An official Geocaching App has been produced for download to mobile phones and tablets, you can shop online for geocaching supplies and investigate new travel destinations with GeoTours.

Geocaching in Orlando

To plan your own personal family geocaching adventure in Orlando, go to a website such There you can input information about the type of search you’d like and find all the geocaches in that area. The site will show detailed attributes of the cache, such as the difficulty of finding it, the ruggedness of the terrain where it located, whether it is a family friendly search, and so on. If you are new to all this, start off with a fairly easy cache (the point is to have fun in the outdoors with your loved ones, not to undergo an endurance test). Take along a topographical map of the area for a rural cache and use your GPS to navigate as you get closer to the site. Once you find the cache, take several moments to enjoy your surroundings. Then sign in with a few words about your experience, to share with the next folks to come along.

Orlando is a popular geocaching destination in the winter and has so much to see and do that you’ll appreciate staying in a comfortable hotel with easy access to everything. The nicer and lower priced Orlando area hotels tend to fill up fast, though, so it’s a good idea to reserve in advance.

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